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Ohio Long Term Care Information Center

Let the Ohio Long Term Care Information Center Help You Plan.

Safeguarding your future (or current) retirement income & assets from the high costs of Long Term Health Care is key to a successful retirement. If you are a GenXer or Boomer ACT NOW and address the financial costs and burdens of aging.

We will arrange for a licensed insurance agent who specializes in LTC Planning provide you FREE Quotes and Information from all the major insurance companies. These would include Ohio Partnership Plans as well as hybrid plans (asset plans which offer single premium with LTC benefits and return of premium options at death). Plus, you may qualify for tax advantages available to those who have tax-qualified Long Term Care Insurance.

Working with a specialist will help you determine if you need to plan and help you save money in finding the best coverage at the best value. If you have family and/or friends who live outside Ohio we can find appropriate and accurate information for them as well.